B12 or not B12 that is the question

So whats all the fuss about B12? If you follow a plant based diet you will have come across this, but some reports are indicating that B12 deficiency is not the lone allocation of the vegan. In fact people with absorption of b12 problems are not in the minority, people with celiac disease, Crohn’s disease, pancreas... Continue Reading →

Once in a lifetime

  You may find yourself in beautiful house, with a beautiful Wife, You may ask yourself  “Well, how did I get here?” These are the classic lyrics from the titled song by Talking Heads and have been recurring in my thoughts over the past few weeks. So I wanted to put done how did I... Continue Reading →

Your gut and the micro-biome

This subject has me enthralled and I believe as many leading health care professionals do that the micro-biome is the future of medicine. For a nice little introduction to the human micro-biome check the following link / video The Human Ecosystem I confess I am just getting up to speed with this subject but my main... Continue Reading →

The forgotten fast

Several years back I watched a BBC Horizon documentary called BBC Live,Fast live Longer which presented Michael Mosley on a voyage of discovery as to why fasting was good for you and which fasting regime would work for him. Without describing the whole documentary I can say it convinced me pretty well enough to start a 5:2... Continue Reading →

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