The forgotten fast


Several years back I watched a BBC Horizon documentary called BBC Live,Fast live Longer which presented Michael Mosley on a voyage of discovery as to why fasting was good for you and which fasting regime would work for him. Without describing the whole documentary I can say it convinced me pretty well enough to start a 5:2 fast which involves 2 x 24 hrs fast during a 7 day week, no need for the days to be consecutive. This was a relatively satisfying fast but I felt there was more to this fasting than this easy approach. Saying all that it was only years later as a group of friends challenge, you know the the debate down the bar where everyone is an expert and it comes to crunch time ‘OK from tomorrow we will all do a 3 day fast!’. Exactly how wise that was after an evening of beers I will defer to a medical expert on. But nonetheless a few including myself from the party did achieve the 3 day target. Felt good and vowed to do this again, alas that vow hasn’t come into play as yet. Today at the Bali Vegan Festival in Ubud I went to a talk entitled Fasting: The Fastest Way to Heal and Simplicity and The Healing Spectrum where the subject was discussed at length by a very animated Dr Andrea Paige. This was one of those days when you know that life is making connections and unfolding realities to you. She discussed and reminded me of the content of the BBC documentary about how our bodies didn’t evolve having breakfast lunch and dinner and that the human body is quite adept at long periods of no food but not to forget to drink water (copious amounts preferably 3litres plus) during a fast the body stops burning fuel and basically goes into repair mode, breaking down fat cells and releasing the toxins that have built up over time. Her own website Live for Vitality has some podcast which go into further detail and if your interested Id recommend viewing, I certainly will be! So from Monday I have made a pack with a friend to start a 5 day fast as I feel my body could do with a good detox and repair. I’ll post a further blog to let you know how it goes. So thank you Andrea for this little reminder and hope to report good things!

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