Is veganism making people crazy!?

First new blog of 2018 – apologies for the delay!

So the title of this article is meant to capture your eye but is a real issue. Nutrition effects us in so many ways as it rightly should, our physical health including energy levels and prevention of chronic disease is very keenly wrapped up in what you are consuming.

We are also now reading in the nutritional press that mental health is also keenly wrapped up in what we eat and in particular a number of the B Vitamins which of course B12 is included. As well as B12 – B6 and B3 are also of note but the whole range of B vitamins contribute towards brain function, mental sharpness and mood plus a host of other functions. I think if the truth be known we are yet to fully appreciate the impact of these vitamins to our health but we are getting some good ideas.

Deficiency in B vitamins or depletion within our bodies is of course not the sole exclusivity of vegans as many people who consume B12 meat sources have difficulty absorbing, as such many medical practitioners are offering B12 injections which literally gets to the heart of the matter. Anecdotally I have heard reports of increased vitality and well being after such shots. Other areas of our lives also impact other B vitamins availability and depletion – eating processed foods, lack of exercise, smoking and drinking can contribute to B3 and also B1 deficiencies. So it seems unless we are living a perfect lifestyle eating whole foods only with no stress then we all need B supplements or more focused nutrition on eating the best sources for these vitamins as uptake can be as low as 10%

Below are a number of articles which I have taken from but are far better editorials on the subject so why reinvent the wheel.

But remember next time you get trapped on social media by a foaming at the mouth ethical vegan – just stop to consider they may just need a B complex vitamin tablet 😉


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