EMF the largest health experiment ever (5G)

What’s EMF you ask or maybe not if your an engineer or a techie, but for the uninitiated it is ElectroMagnetic Fields. They are waves of energy vibrating around our atmosphere – basically anything that has a voltage produces EMFs the stronger the voltage the stronger the EMF, also there are varying frequencies and concerns over some frequencies are higher than others so to speak. Any form of wireless communication in particular mobile phones and wireless internet access points emit EMFs. A more recent addition has been smart meters which are installed in a homestead and send usage data to a central sources for billing and consumption analysis.

Only in the last 30 years or less has the exposure to this type of radiation become so prolific and it is growing. We are all aware of 4G for your phone, but some will only have just heard of 5G promising super speed acccess to the internet, anywhere! As the title suggests this is the largest experiment without proper medical trials to be effectively forced open the population. From a cursory search on PubMed which is a medical science paper repository the existing trials of EMF radiations effects on our health our largely inconclusive with a word of warning or suggesting that problems around DNA damage can be measured (at least in rats!).

People suffering from EMF radiation will experience symptons of insomnia, headaches and nausea or worse. A famous experiment conducted by some school children in Denmark placed a wireless router in one room and placed next to it, in a tray some cress seeds i think, cress seeds are very easy to grow in soaked cotton wool. and then in another room (at the same time) the same soaked cotton wool and cress seeds combination. Some days later the students revisited the two trays, the one next to the wireless router had essentially not grown but the other was growing as expected. Now if this doesnt provide sufficient level of alarm I dont know what would!. Unfortunately with big corp investing heavily into these technologies it seems to excuse the government’s of this world to ensure due diligence and insist on sufficient medical trials. For medicine to get onto the market, pharmeceutical companies typically have to go thru a 10-15 year study to provide assurances that the new medicine(s) are safe. Even this process is subject to abuse and missing issues, but at least its something. These new wireless technologies have not had to achieve hardly any testing and yet there is a growing community of PhD scientists voicing caution if not out right concern on the deployment of 5G. Elon Musk is about to embark on deploying 4000 satelites to wrap around the planet in near earth orbit to provide internet access anywhere. Sounds great but will it be?

Some initial trials in the USA have shown marked increases in cancer and other health issues for people who reside near 5G towers. Belgium has stopped the rollout over health concerns and i just heard that Geneva in Switzerland has done the same. I even heard that Germany is recommending the greater public turn off their wireless routers at night. Lets hope this causes a cascade effect and other goverments take note. I personally am quite happy with 4G speeds and don’t feel the need for 5G especially at this potential high costs to health.

So what can we do to protect ourselves from the risk of EMF exposure, here is a list:-

  1. Dont hold your phone to your ear, invest in some headphones or use speaker to talk to people. Even Apple iphones have a health warnign for this activity. There are also headphones which have no speaker near your ear and transmit sound to your ear thru tubes!
  2. Turn off you phones or at least put them into flight mode when ever possible, especially at night. This should include your wireless router if you have one.
  3. If your budget extends to it consider to have all your house wiring check to ensure it is sufficiently shielded
  4. again if your budget extends that far look at obtaining shielding products online to protect you from your neighbours transmissions
  5. Turn shit off, even think about gooing to your fuse box and turning off sections of your house or spartment (unless you are confident you have sufficient shielding) – you can get companies or buy the devices your self to measure the radiation in your home, but i warn you – you maywell be very shocked!
  6. Petition your local goverment to think again about 5G.

I’m, not trying to scare you but at the end of the day we really dont know what the long term effects of this huge exposure is going to cause.

I know it seems hopeless but we can only try to make little changes that may become popular. Perhaps someone can invent devices as well as electrical systems that simply cut the power from source as and when its no longer required.






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