Phytoplankton is it for real

I’ve been meaning to write this post ever since i started taking phytoplankton as an experiment. Purely from anecdotal reviews which sounded promising. I can only vouch or review one product which i have taken and cannot comment on others, that being Oceans Alive by Activation products.

The first day i recieved my amazon order, i took the bottle out and place the prescribed 15 drops into a glass of water, the acute smell of seaweed was alittle off putting and i have seen a review on you tube which tried to debunk the product simply on the premise if it smells and tastes bad then it can not be good for you – well i thought that was aload of hogwash. Actually when consumed neat it has a sweet taste and isnt that bad at all.

So the first day i was aware my mood had improved, uplifted spirits so to speak and i decided to go for a cycle on my mountain bike. I was then distinctly aware i had more energy more go than i typically would have. This was great and i started giving it some welly as they say. After my typical 45-60 minute ride i got home to resume my days work, and i was very surprised to feel still full of energy. Previously i would get back to my now home office and feel very lethargic.

I then noticed that my reaction times as well as my brain fog had lifted, the phytoplankton has alot of DHA/EPA which is pure brain food, it also reports to have over 200 micronutrients some of which have not been identified. as well as all the essential fatty and amino acids.

So i started doing soe research and there is very little for phytoplankton but i did manage to find the following

all very positive but saying further research is needed.

I also have recently noticed that around my ankles i used to have some broken blood vessels and they have mysteriously dissappeared.

Another beenfit which i have possibly experienced is that i was diagnosed with a minuscus tear which was causing me alot of pain, since taking this product together with redlight therapy on my knees the pain has gone. I have an MRI from before and am very interested to have another because i was basically told that i needed an operation as it would never heal.

It also reports to be great for immune and liver support, esepcially as it doesnt need to be digested and permeates thru the wall of the stomache getting into your blood stream and cells without needing to go thru the liver.

I can not guarentee you will have the same experience as me, but i did convince a friend to try it and who is now smashing their strava personal best and reports feeling just a little bit better in everything.


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