Phytoplankton is it for real

I've been meaning to write this post ever since i started taking phytoplankton as an experiment. Purely from anecdotal reviews which sounded promising. I can only vouch or review one product which i have taken and cannot comment on others, that being Oceans Alive by Activation products. The first day i recieved my amazon order,... Continue Reading →

Ageing the final frontier, how we can slow it down and reverse it!

Having hit the big 50 late last year, certain aspects of my health I have put down to the ravishes of aging, I creak a bit, all night festivities find me quietly leaving around 11 pm, strong hints of grey creeping into my beard and hair and the most annoying being that my eyesight is... Continue Reading →

Eldflowers and other wild plants

Most weekends my wife and I travel from bustling smokey Bucharest to spend the weekend with my mother in law or Mamia as we all call her. She lives in a moderate sized town called Urziceni and has a lovely garden that my two young daughters can run up and down whilst taunting the dog... Continue Reading →

EMF the largest health experiment ever (5G)

What's EMF you ask or maybe not if your an engineer or a techie, but for the uninitiated it is ElectroMagnetic Fields. They are waves of energy vibrating around our atmosphere - basically anything that has a voltage produces EMFs the stronger the voltage the stronger the EMF, also there are varying frequencies and concerns... Continue Reading →

The miracle of CBD and my journey

I have recently returned from living in Asia and the Middle East for 12 years, this has been a very enriching and enlightening time. Experiencing different cultures and meeting new people as well as visiting beautiful and amazing places has been highly educational and food for the soul! However, one area which was denied me... Continue Reading →

Is veganism making people crazy!?

First new blog of 2018 - apologies for the delay! So the title of this article is meant to capture your eye but is a real issue. Nutrition effects us in so many ways as it rightly should, our physical health including energy levels and prevention of chronic disease is very keenly wrapped up in... Continue Reading →

B12 or not B12 that is the question

So whats all the fuss about B12? If you follow a plant based diet you will have come across this, but some reports are indicating that B12 deficiency is not the lone allocation of the vegan. In fact people with absorption of b12 problems are not in the minority, people with celiac disease, Crohn’s disease, pancreas... Continue Reading →

Once in a lifetime

  You may find yourself in beautiful house, with a beautiful Wife, You may ask yourself  “Well, how did I get here?” These are the classic lyrics from the titled song by Talking Heads and have been recurring in my thoughts over the past few weeks. So I wanted to put done how did I... Continue Reading →

Your gut and the micro-biome

This subject has me enthralled and I believe as many leading health care professionals do that the micro-biome is the future of medicine. For a nice little introduction to the human micro-biome check the following link / video The Human Ecosystem I confess I am just getting up to speed with this subject but my main... Continue Reading →

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