The Frontiers of Nutrition or at least the beginning blog entry!

I’m starting this blog so I can ramble about various different aspects of nutrition that I have come to study and learn about. If you are anything like me and have been dipping into various different diets over the past few years you will now know that there is nothing certain in the world of nutrition. So many opinions in the social media as well as the science community. Let me set the record for myself that after much deliberation and trial and error my personal choice of diet is whole food plant based – this has given me the greatest satisfaction and health rewards as well as for my mind the most logical for personal health and compassion for animals not forgetting my impact to the planet. For others this may not be the right diet as we are all different. I have recently started studying health coaching which explores this and other holistic approaches to our health as uniquely different individuals. I will use this blog to discuss the things I am learning as well as explore other related subjects. Here ends my first post!

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